August 18 12 Recommendations 1 700x1024 12 RELEASES RECOMMENDATIONS TO TAKE CARE OF.

Recommendations day. You heard it here first right?, maybe ha! ha!. Ride into the sunset for another week of safe practices accompanied of amazing extreme metal music.

01 BLACK CROWN INITIATE “Violent Portrait of a Doomed Escape”(Melodic Death Metal)
02 REJECT MESSIAH “Irkala” 2020 (Melodic Death Metal)
03 AVATAR “Hunter Gatherer” 2020 (Death N’Roll)
04 NYKTOPHOBIA “What Lasts Forever” 2020 (Melodic Death Metal)
05 DAWN RAY’D “Behold Sedition Plainsong” 2019 (Black Metal)
06 LUNAR SWAMP “UnderMudBlues) 2020 (Stoner/Doom)
07 MÁQUINAS DE ACERO “Vol. 2” 2019 (Speed Heavy Thrash Metal)
08 HAUNT “Mind Freeze” 2020 (Classic heavy Metal)
09 CARACH ANGREN “Franckensteina Strataemontanus” 2020 (Symphonic Black Metal)
10 WARLUST: “Unearthing Shattering Prophecies” 2020 (Blackened Thrash)
11 BLOODY TYRANT “Myths of the Islands” 2020 (Melodic Folk Death Metal)
12 AND OCEANS “Cosmic World Mother” 2020 (Symphonic Black Metal)