AL AZIF 7 AL AZIF : Vomit of God (Official Video)This one took me by surprise as I wasn’t expecting such a quality extreme music full of brutality. Let me tell you this, I’m Ecuadorian, but I’m not as familiar with AL AZIF as I would like to, because I left the country 25 years ago and I lost track of whatever music was been made over there, but from what I’ve heard I can safely say that this band would be considered ‘de culto’ in Ecuador, and arguably the finest Black Metal work coming from this land.

Al Azif is just a name that we chose back then in which Satanism was everything for me now that way of thinking, has has changed, Life itself has taught me that things go beyond it. The human being as a selfish and stupid specie, surrounded by idioms and situations that disconnect you from the true inner self, making a false human been.

About the music I actually see metal as a form of life, a passion that has not to be dedicated to a veneration or adoration of something, or someone is more real when you express your thoughts based on experiences and the decay of the system in which we live

Edgar Polo – Guitar & Voice

AL AZIF is an infernal Black Metal Band, created by Edgar Polo and his brothers Diego & Freddy in 2004, The musical ideology of the band is based on the book of the dead Necronomicon. In 2011 they released the first AL AZIF’s work, Lucifer is my King, it was a Demo, but they planning to release the first Full-length next year according with Edgar in a conversation with Ciudad Zero. PLUTERAS RECS , in their series Cabina del Terror, published Vomit of God, a video song that overwhelmed my mind.

What really struck me about Vomit Of God is that this song has been meticulously crafted, with the sole purpose of establishing a place in the back of your mind. And you know what is weird?… even being the first time I listened to this dark brutal melody, I felt a strong sense of familiarity within it, which hit well, especially considering it wasn’t some mere, strange déjà vu. As I result, I commend AL AZIF for this feat, and I definitely see this becoming one of my favorite video song over this year.

Besides the great use of melody, there’s a whole host of quality musical technique show here. The voice of Edgar Polo (Guitar & Voice) is a great, decipherable croak/growl that sounds very strong and lethal, and the lyrics themselves happen to be quite dark and infernal. Diego Polo rumbling with his bass. The riffs are top notch, obviously spawning the fantastic use of melody, coming from both guitars (Freddy & Edgar Polo) and the drum work courtesy of Gandhy Villarreal is interesting in the sense that it is tastefully done, not abusing one particular style but including a nice array of beats and fills.

Production is quite good here, and the atmosphere is utterly engrossing. I’ve really come to love black metal over the last few years, and this is one of those works that reminds me why and includes a lot of what I personally want to hear within the genre especially coming from south american bands (because the genre was borne in countries north of Europe). There is very much left to say about AL AZIF, but I will hold it up until I get a complete album from this amazing black metal band, to judge them with more accuracy. Definitely one of the best black metal I’ve heard, that’s it!.

Vomit Of God
Genre: Black Metal
Country: Ecuador

AL AZIF 3 AL AZIF : Vomit of God (Official Video)