kroda - Selbstwelt

KRODA – Selbstwelt, La Belleza Indómita del Metal Negro.

Mi atracción por merodear los bosques del norte de New York, siempre me conecta con la musica extrema irreverente, oscura de esoterismo… Continuar

Guerreros de la Niebla-review

AVERNO: “Guerreros De La Niebla”, Dark Melodies From The South.

AVERNO an Ecuadorian black / doom metal band, released its first feature film called Guerreros de la Niebla (2019 Dark Art LugubremContinuar

SolusEris-The Pursuit of Persistence

SOLUS ERIS: The Pursuit of Persistence, Modern Melodeath Coming from South America.

A melodeath/metalcore release coming from south America just got on my hands. SOLUS ERIS an Ecuadorian metal band release a new EP, … Continuar


ISTHAR: “La Higuera”, Sorrowful, Melancholic and filled with Despair.

The Doom Death Metal music is one of the perfect examples of how deeply we’re connected to fears, to the feeling of loneliness… Continuar

Ethereal Darkness

ETHEREAL DARKNESS: Smoke And Shadows (2019)

ETHEREAL DARKNESS – Smoke And Shadows (2019)

Crear musica que contenga elementos tan extremos como el doom, death, black metal … Continuar

KAUNIS KUOLEMATON: Elämä ei tarvitse minua


KAUNIS KUOLEMATON, el genial grupo finlandés nacido hace 7 años en Hamina, Finlandia lanzó al mercado su nueva producción;… Continuar

WHITECHAPEL: :The Valley”, Entre la Realidad y una Pesadilla.

WHITECHAPEL desde su Concepción su música se ha debatido en la oscura parte del ser humano y el séptimo lanzamiento de estudio, de… Continuar

MURDER: The Heralds Of the Storm, The Intensity of Extreme Music.

The Ecuadorian metaliers MURDER, embodies technical death metal into the music they play, deep growls mixed with fast and ever-changing… Continuar

Dark Matter-Infinite Loneliness

DARK MATTER: “Infinite Loneliness”, The result of emerging the progressiveness of Post Black Metal with more extreme sounds.

The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experiences to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer… Continuar


ÖVER: “Facing Transcendence”, A Hidden Beauty Behind the Bitter Existence

If you have a little sense of what black metal really means, then listen to this!!!

This is something that shake my world completely!!!… Continuar