Guerreros de la Niebla AVERNO: Guerreros De La Niebla, Dark Melodies From The South.

AVERNO an Ecuadorian black / doom metal band, released its first feature film called Guerreros de la Niebla (2019 Dark Art Lugubrem), and can be summarized as heavy, dark, a kind of slow, muddy, very catchy, with a nefarious tone . No matter how good or bad you think this album is, here the interesting thing is its originality and experimentation.

Guerreros de la Niebla explores the darkness in a brutal way and I’m going to try to explain why?:

The AVERNO‘s guitar tones rumble the very Earth they lay on, crumbling myths nonexistent on the mountains range of the South American Andes, where their wake that came up 18 years ago. There is no another black/doom metal band like them on Ecuadorian lands, dramatic, sonic and powerful despite the massive wave of extreme metal that is coming out in that country.

The shining dimension of this band do not rest only on the riffs, but the consistent feel and tone of them that provides the atmosphere of destruction without leaving aside the pilgrimage melody. Here the drums work is masterful and it’s done by Marco Erazo (who, by the way, is a superb, imaginative and skilled drummer, who can go farer than the limits imposed by genres or styles in the extreme music).

La Oscuridad, the opening track starts off mind-numbingly slow, as is to be expected. A simple, harmonizing riff drones on behind reverb-drenched drum patterns and then AVERNO brings the heaviness of the esotericism signature of the extreme black/doom metal sound with the band’s own originality.

The Juan Carlos Erazo vocals on this album are quite unique, and are unlike any traditional screaming that I have commonly heard, he could reach any range and it’s according with the story he’s telling to the masses.

…but let’s go back to Guerreros de la Niebla and what is enclosed there.

Here is my favorite track. Laguna Negra, has a very careful build-up to a powerful, galloping climax of heavy drumming, all the way to the end accompanied with heavier guitars and a fuller sound filled with dark and minimalist composition.

Cáliz de Fuego tends to have a arcane magnificence dark lyrics (not diabolic), which infects the melody and is the most obvious illustration of this predominant feeling, during the lapse of 5:36 minutes of this song. Reading these very obscured lyrics while listening to this song adds another dimension, creating a visual sensory experience along with the dark soundscapes already created.

AVERNO‘s magick shall reveal itself in time and effort in this song, Umbral, the reward is here, The sustain of the growling gives the feeling of ire, sadness or maybe of wondering where the obscurity ends. But you have to listen other ways it is a wasted time. So go and grab a copy and judge for yourself this amazing work.

To end this judgement I would say that the 7 songs making up Guerreros de la Niebla, are powerful, with all the instruments executed with mastery, without leaving the course and showing a brilliant artistic creativity from every member of this talented Latin American metal band. AVERNO is a perfect convergence of talent, themes and a dark aggressivity. So, if you’ve got a preference for the most extreme side of music and you think are capable enough to survive Guerreros de la Niebla and its obscured melodies coming from the black side of metal, then give AVERNO a try.

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Guerreros De La Niebla:

La Oscuridad  05:42
Guerreros De La Niebla  05:15
Laguna Negra  05:26
Éxodo  05:07
Cáliz de Fuego  05:36
Umbral  06:06
Infierno  04:46

Averno is:
Juan carlos erazo: Rhythm Guitars / Vocals
Alex Argoti: Lead Guitars
Marco Erazo: Drums
Andres Cardenas: Bass

Info: Averno/Facebook/Official