Dark Matter2 DARK MATTER: Infinite Loneliness, The result of emerging the progressiveness of Post Black Metal with more extreme sounds.The purpose of life, after all, is to live it, to taste experiences to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experiences and this also applies perfectly to extreme music.

DARK MATTER (not to be confused with the English doom metal of the same name), kindly sent me their first álbum, Infinite Loneliness “, and guys, let me tell you that I am completely impressed by this work from these Mexican boys.

Even though extreme music has strong roots in anti-establishment thinking and musical rule breaking, there are people who go even further with their proposals, so here DARK MATTER does it.

DARK MATTER the León, Guanajuato based post-black metal band formed in 2015, has released their first full-length, Infinite Loneliness, with 9 songs filled of intense emotions and epic sounds.  It maintains every convention of black metal, except instead of coldness and darkness, there is warmth and light.

What I’m saying is pretty evident from the album’s opener, Step Into Oblivion, an almost five minutes instrumental announcement that’s as emotionally resonant as an explosion in your brain. Then, the rest comes like a storm.

Archetype of Misfortune is a 5:10-minute firestorm, ejecting flares of plasma through space, complete with harrowing black metal riffs, post-metal builds, and eerily serene interludes on the middle of the road.

Contradictory and Unfolding Shadows make me wonder why most metal bands focus so much on darkness, when it’s clear that some of the most extreme things in this universe are also the brightest. Like the melancholic melody on these songs, to think about this is contradictory sometimes, right?

But just when you start thinking the band could abandon their metal roots entirely, they spin straight into a heavy, blast-beat-driven sequence with A Storm has Come, showing they still have the chops that got them here in the first place. The beginning of this song goes slow, but suddenly everything explodes.

Reach for Nothing and Dying Beliefs are the nicest way the band reaches to the post-black metal genre and I have to be honest with you about it, because before I started digging into what the post-black metal really means, I found myself wrong in concept. (Thanks to Danny Molina, for pushing me hard to go find out what post-metal really means). I hope the basic knowledge I got leads me to make a sensible articulate comment about this work.

…and then we got into the Infinite Loneliness, throwing off the cold shackles of black metal, stepping beyond the darkness, and walking out into the light. The build up and execution of the guitars transform the typically dark snare of black metal, casting a warm embrace upon the listener with plenty of moments of relentless intensity

DARK MATTERwith this work, proves themselves more than capable, raising the bar high for any works the band releases in the future. The mexican trio in this work managed to incorporate some elements into a progressive effort that’s as melodic in some moments as it is blistering and extreme in others. Through the entire journey Infinite Loneliness never ceases to be both ambitious and inspiringly.


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01 – Step Into Oblivion
02 – Archetype of Misfortune
03 – Contradictory
04 – Unfolding Shadows
05 – A Storm Has Come
06 – Reach For Nothing
07 – Dying Beliefs
08 – Infinite Loneliness
09 – From This Land To Another

Ivan M. – Guitar & Bass
Skoll M. – Drums
Rich M. – Vocals

Facebook: Dark Matter MX

concreto records DARK MATTER: Infinite Loneliness, The result of emerging the progressiveness of Post Black Metal with more extreme sounds.