DST Review DELICADO SONIDO DEL TRUENO: Released Oscuridad Perpetua, 9 Melodies of Deep Sadness.

As in real life, evolution is a natural process that usually affects people, artists, bands and their music.

DELICADO SONIDO DEL TRUENO has released Oscuridad Perpetua, an album which shows how much their music has polished a style that navigates between the sad and taciturn gothic sound of some songs like Despertares or En la Aurora, and the monstrous reverie with melodic doom gothic in a delicate atmosphere as in El Silencio de un Adios and Amarga Comunión, where the death growls of James Sloan regrets the sadness of a demon who does not know how to end his loneliness; his performance here is stunningly breathtaking.

Karina Muños, the female counterpart, also shines everywhere in this album. This woman possesses one of the most beautifully clean voices I’ve ever heard in a band from Ecuador. With her gentle beautiful lullaby, she can take a man to the highest of Heavens, while James Sloan, with one growl can send anybody down to the darkest pits of Hell.

The first on the album, Alba, is a two minute long intro track, James Sloan preparing you for what is to follow with the album. With doom gothic ambiance, religious choirs, dark keyboards riffs and irreverent strings, the intro track immediately tells you that the album is going to be dark, atmospheric, and haunting.

Despertares has beauty and a great clean guitars opening, the gothic ambiance coming from the keyboards takes you into an slow-paced lapse of sound, the female voice is the protagonist here. El Silencio de un Adios is a strong and melodic track, floating above the sound of the Korg krome keyboard with Juan Carlos Campuzano behind it.

Amarga Comunión is another dark song, with melodic guitar and bass strums to start it off. It quickly goes into punishing guitar riffs and brutal death growls, the same comes with Inclemencias del Tiempo, a song that has some very catchy riffs and bass lines throughout, along with some good breakdowns, death grunts and steady drum lines.

In Ocaso de tu Mente, the combination of death gothic and melodic doom sound, with the harsh guitars (courtesy of Daniel Vera and Carlos Vásconez), playing smart shifts in pace and mood, gathering themselves in sultry melody with keyboards building up an orgasmic bursts of power, riffs and chords of strength and focus that quickly rest back in their puddles.

When DST has to be melodic, it’s melodic. When they want to be melancholic and soft, their music is a pitiable little soul, a thing to be heard in the saddest of moods by the gloomy mooded sort who enjoy the genre, and honestly I’m one them, I love the melancholy of deep sadness.

In Oscuridad Perpetua, Karina Muños one more time takes you down with her ethereal voice going deeply in sadness, Juan Carlos Campuzano and his dark keyboard riffs go even deeper in the melancholy that reigns in an atmosphere of beautiful sadness. I do not fear to exaggerate in the perfection that DST achieved by creating a piece as perfect as this song, Karina Muños is splendorous in the interpretation of a song sailing in a sea of sadness. At the minute 4:38 when the growls start, you’ll fall even deeper into darkness. The monstrous grunt of James Sloan remind you that this is a duel between a siren and a fiend, but wait!… there is time for including a clean declamation in magnificent appearance of Carlos Mármol (LASEN), making this song unforgettable.

DST Review 2 1024x576 DELICADO SONIDO DEL TRUENO: Released Oscuridad Perpetua, 9 Melodies of Deep Sadness.

What stood out to me more on this recording is the balance of all elements on the play, with brilliant musicianship and technique as well as the overall production of the album, every track you listen in Oscuridad Perfecta, is at the very least great. The clean guitars, sometimes mingle with distorted strings in dramatic versatility, the atmosphere created by synthesizers, the bass as a curtain in an old and dark stage, rumbling with serenity. Cesar Aldas here has done a magnificent job, aesthetically very close to a piece of art.

If we talk about the drums work, Andres Cardenas has done a job that is close to perfection, without exaggerating a single hit, the work is exactly like a Swiss watch, I think any band would like to have a drummer like him.

DELICADO SONIDO DEL TRUENO makes this album flows so naturally from the beginning to the end. I honestly would say that I love Silencio Perpetuo because is one of these albums that grip me and every time I listen to it, I’m still amazed by how good it is. Of course I’m not saying that it’s the best in the style of music around the world, but for me it’s one of the best music works coming from my country, Ecuador.

Oscuridad Perpetua DST portada DELICADO SONIDO DEL TRUENO: Released Oscuridad Perpetua, 9 Melodies of Deep Sadness.

Oscuridad Perpetua:

01 – Alba 2:10
02 – Despertares 5:26
03 – El Silencio En Un Adiós 5:06
04 – En la Aurora 5:26
05 – Amarga Comunion 4:34
06 – Inclemencias del Tiempo 6:06
07 – El ocaso de tu Mente 5:33
08 – Penumbra 5:06
09 – Oscuridad Perpetua 8:54

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