Demencia band 2017 review 1 DEMENCIA: Straight for the jugular is the only one way to kill with metal.We already talked once about this Ecuadorian thrash metal band and as long as I remember, they made a good piece of metal with Slaughter Never Ends (2011), now 6 years later, they come back with a new ‘messing up your brain’ album, Straight for the Jugular (August 2017).

Straight for the Jugular is a 8 tracks álbum with not the holy grail of metal hidden there, but showing a great effort from DEMENCIA. To be honest I have been prolonging my review of this work, because I wanted to come up with the words that would do real ‘justice’ to a hot mess of an album, of course it couldn’t be the same opinion like everyone’s view, the justice I’m talking about may depends of the listener’s perspective.

To my ears Straight for the Jugular, Is an album that reminded me of a time when thrash metal was more sincere and simple, so it may be inspiration, it may be nostalgia or it may be steel’s iron grip tightening around my balls, but I think DEMENCIA knows what they’re doing and that deserves my respect.

So, let’s pull out Straight for the Jugular, out and get a listen one more time. It kicks off with Beast Inside Me, it’s a direct attack on the neurons, the unsettling guitars (courtesy of Álvaro Acosta and Byron Infante), do not decay a single moment in their mission, the insane thumping of Christian Chamorro is brilliant, a perfect start of a metal album.

Between Heaven and Hell It seems like it was going to be a slow melody because the intro, but we’re wrong, this one is a weird song, for one second I thought the all four members were playing a different songs at once, in fact, it’s plainly obvious they’re doing just that! But fuck it, this is just so damn catchy and vicious that it takes about 3 seconds to stop giving a shit about such insignificant trivia and concentrate on banging your head.

Straight for the Jugular goes chucking them straight into the ferocious metallic violence, the band wastes no time in making sure we know that they can play tight with guns pointing at them. I will not exacerbate saying that I have discovered the gem of thrash metal, no!, but it is an album that maintains a style that has not sold its soul to the devil for commercial success, although fundamentally the extreme music has this principle and DEMENCIA is convinced of that.

And here we go with Wall of Death, the fastest song of this trasher compendium of this band from the middle of the world, crazy and fast riffs fall and tear heads, batteries that rumble in the dirty and dark ambient and the constant violence that forces you to break your neck without stopping, in in the middle of the song there was a nice change of pace.

So if you like good thrash and are not a pussy, check Straight for the Jugular out because here exists a dirtier, harsher, nastier thrash metal sound, I know most people don’t get albums like this, but it’s hard to find a reason WHY, and that really upset me, people claim to be true thrashers who care about metal, but come on! if you really are one of them, get a copy right away and stop your bullshit, we got ours and the proof is here.

demencia prueva DEMENCIA: Straight for the jugular is the only one way to kill with metal.

Demencia e1511178354832 DEMENCIA: Straight for the jugular is the only one way to kill with metal.

Straight For The Jugular

01 – Beast Inside Me

02 – Mass Aggression

03 – Between Heaven and Hell

04 – Domesticacion

05 – Straight For The Jugular

06 – Pain is Pleasure

07 – Wall of Death

08 – Ruidos

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