ENTE Nacido Muerto ENTE: NACIDO MUERTO, RAW SOUTH AMERICAN DEATH METALOk, let’s talk clearly so that it could be understood.

The sense of time … What a particular and desperate predictable science. To be honest, I’m not even sure we can trust it. For almost 30 years, ENTE has established itself as one of the most extreme death metal groups, not only in Ecuador but in South America. So far I do not understand how his brutal sound has failed yet to capture the interest of a decent recording label so that way their music can reach the most remote places, because the brutality of this band is not meant to be buried in small graves.

‘Nacido Muerto’ (2019), is the latest creation of these Ecuadorian metalheads, listening to it in its entirety has been a trip to my old nightmares, an unpredictable succession of events that led me to an unreal, extreme journey of brutal consequence. What we have here are 8 songs where crispy main riffs work enormously to build a wall where the wild rhythm that these bastards bring crashes and bounces straight to my ears. Although the interpretation is quite technical in some places, the band focuses mainly on creating an ambient in which the tempo changes almost perfectly calculating the precise instant to strike the chaotic sections, the bruteness and the speed.

If there are non-harmonic elements, these are used to generate even greater tension in the songs. In addition to the spectacular guitar work (Nelson Rodríguez & Javier Enriquez), the work that Igor Icaza brings with the drums should also be mentioned, always precise following the main patterns of each song, highlighting sections where an additional portion of intensity or unexpected speed changes are needed. His work is perfect and of course you can not expect less from one of the best drummers in the southern part of the Americas.

Seeing a Beast like Germán Mora in a live performance brutally reeling his bass is amazing and in this album, his bass work makes the everyone’s ears explode and bleed, his work stands out from any corner that could be observed.

Without showing off or pretending to be a vocal hoax, the voices are deep and cavernous (Daniel Cisneros), with a fascinating inhuman grunt style in their intense ugliness, adapting itself perfectly to the sinister and disturbing general atmosphere of this brutal album. ‘Nacido Muerto’ without a doubt is one of the most extreme works that has come to me from the navel of this planet.

The production is dynamic but raw and crisp. It is worth adding this work to the most decent collection of anyone who considers himself a loyal follower of this extreme genre.

I don’t want to give a special mention to any of the 8 tracks, because this album has to be listen entirely.

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“Nacido Muerto”

01 – Nacido Muerto  03:51
02 – Gemido de Angustia  03:46
03 – Zanja de Excrementos  02:23
04 – The Punishment Sanctuary  04:40
05 – Abside  04:40
06 – Transgresión  04:37
07 – Threpination  03:57
08 – Remanentes  05:53

ENTE is:
Igor Icaza (drums)
Nelson Rodríguez (guitar)
Germán Mora (bass)
Javier Enríquez (guitar)
Daniel Cisneros (vocals)