LEPROCOMIO PURE ECUADORIAN DEATH METAL1 1024x682 EPIDEMIA: Leprocomio Pure Ecuadorian Death Metal!With a lot of good acts out there, it is very hard to focus on all of them. Sometimes small but otherwise good bands drown under the wave of mediocre music for no apparent reason. This is especially bad when one is searching for new music to listen to but all they can find is the same old, same old. Today I want to talk about a band that is coming from a small country in Southamerica call Ecuador (my home), which is EPIDEMIA.

EPIDEMIA is not as well-known band, as many bigger acts in the over-saturated death/hardcore/brutal metal genre in Ecuador (well, I’m talking about myself only), the band was formed in 2003, the Quito’s death metal outfit is back with their second album after ten years from their first Full-length called Mutilador de Cuerpos (2006), now EPIDEMIA is bringing out, Leprocomio which came out on the May 15, 2016 with 8 songs all of them in spanish language and over 35 minutes length.

0007442796 10 1024x548 EPIDEMIA: Leprocomio Pure Ecuadorian Death Metal!The guitar work on Leprocomio is one of the reasons I really liked this work (Juan Carlos Cahuasquí & Roberto Amores), both hold down the songs extremely well and sounds very solid and aggressive, blending the brutality with the background constructed by the bass and drums and not trying to overdone it, while still retaining the technical aspect that defines the genre without sounding harsh or hogging the spotlight.

Singer Adrian Salazar’s voice is easily distinguishable, as his deep growls still manage to convey the words clear. Without been magnificent, his work here is well done for such an extreme genre.

Daniel Villarreal spectacular on drums, very technical and ultra fast to hit and keep the pace of the songs, Daniel Murillo do well also on bass.

Agonistes en el Inframundo, is my favorite track on the record, alternating between hard hitting, face melting death and brutal elements, the song holds an interesting hybrid texture which I enjoyed very much.

I couldn’t say that EPIDEMIA is the best metal group from a south american country, but they have a powerful forward motion and show us that there is a hope for death metal created in a latino country. Rather than just playing over the same tired, classic and old ideas, they take the genre to new lands. They aren’t really doing anything particularly groundbreaking, but they have something to say about a style of music before only allowed to european bands and they successfully did with Leprocomio.

Detail from Epidemia New Album Leprocomio 3 EPIDEMIA: Leprocomio Pure Ecuadorian Death Metal!Overall I really liked the Leprocomio, it is not very long, the length is not a problem of course, as I always prefer to have a short record packed full with good songwriting, intricacy brutality and substance instead of having more songs crammed into it for the sake of it being longer. Of course this work of this ecuadorian death metal act, is not the best in the genre by any means, you can feel how much the sweden school influenced in the creation and composition of this eight brutal songs and even there is a certain catchiness along this work, but they have to do this better to not sound repetitive.

Nevertheless I think every death metal fan will enjoy Leprocomio quite a lot.

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EPIDEMIA – Leprocomio

01 – Leprocomio  03:47
02 – Retribución Homicida  06:04
03 – Redención del Engendro  04:33
04 – Miseria Introspectiva  04:42
05 – Agonistes en el Inframundo  04:16
06 – Cadáveres Poseídos  03:55
07 – Necroticismo  04:11
08 – Existencia Repulsiva  03:58