Tons and tons of sickeness brutality and extreme death metal 1 Gastrorrexis: Tons and tons of sickness, brutality and extreme death metal

Album: Realm Savagery Decimation
Date: December 10th, 2018
Label: Coyote Records
Origen: Ecuador

Genre: Brutal Death Metal

“Realm Savagery Decimation” showed the world exactly how brutal death metal can get. Gutturally sickening full of bestiality. I’m sure this album definitely isn’t for most of us, mortals haha!!. The raw chaotic sound assaults whoever is not accustomed to extreme metal of this label. Here the ecuadorian brutal death metal gang, GASTRORREXIS has done a record where your worst dreams comes out!

The vocals (courtesy of Romel Tedez), Beastly, insanely deep, guttural, his low growls are so deep that they have their own demented echo, no bulshit here!. The lyrics are almost completely indecipherable but fits perfectly with the insane and frantic riffs of the guitar. Carlos de la Vega is a beast playing slow paced riffs to induce the audience to slam their bodies against each other. Brutal moments each song.

Behind the drums, Camilo Moreno provides an inhuman blast with tight fills, the drums are mixed up and constantly changing with an incredible speed. I don’t really know how this guy does it. Not much to say about the bass, I think it’s what makes up the most of the thick sound.

If you enjoy brutal death metal and have somehow managed to miss this release, then “Realm Savagery Decimation” from this Ecuadorian savages, is a must listen for you.



Gastrorrexis Realm Savagery Decimation 1024x1017 Gastrorrexis: Tons and tons of sickness, brutality and extreme death metalRealm Savagery Decimation

1.- Intro
2.- Deteriorate Flesh
3.- Drain Blood
4.- Devoured by Rats
5.- Deep Repugnance
6.- Impregnate Excrement
7.- Induce Punishment
8.- Vaccine of Horror
9.- Extinction of Vitality
10.- Outro
11.- Instrumental
12.- Corpses Insanity (Bonus Track )
13.- Pathology of Parasites Eat Meat (Bonus Track).

Line up:
Romel Tedez – Vocals
Carlos De La Vega – Guitar
Alex Pozo – Bass
Camilo Moreno – Drum