Melancholic, relaxing, depressing, melodic, apalling, aggressive… All adjectives can be easily used to describe this new doomster mexican band, MATALOBOS.

In April 13th, 2015, this Guanajuato metal band released their first EP, Matalobos, 3 melodic dark melodies with clean voices and death growls. The main force behind their music is the perfect balance of all instruments (forget about production), the best?…the constant quality on the guitar work, courtesy of Eduardo Santamaria, but make not mistake to specially mention the monstrous death voice of Dante Méndez, he’s there spitting all the rage to feel death in life, it’s chilling to hear his screams while the music follows the course of the extreme metal music. Absolutely Amazing!

“Your silence was my grave
Drowned my cries
Your silence was the murderer of my faith”

The Murderer is an overwhelming melodic death song in the beginning, the voice of Dante standing out monstrous, the appearance of a prayer in the middle of the road and the acoustic strings subliminally take me to the dark world of doom after the second half, sounding powerful every step of this melody.

Black Stone Walls is the perfect name for this track, a huge wall of cavernous and dark sound, with guitars that go from the epic of heavy metal, to the apotheosis of doom death, the drums beaten with martial accent, the scream of a wounded animal bristling my skin.

I can keep going with my comments about these mariachis of death (it’s their definition ha! ha!), because they’re doing something really big to not be ignored by the fans for this style of music.

Their sound is a journey that’ll make you go through just about every emotion, but keeping the melodic sadness because this is a doom/death band after all. Please don’t go away, here, We’re not done yet!.

From heavy, aggressive guitars with death-like but still understandable growls, to light acoustic passages praying with a deep scream like Shiver, the 4th track on their 2016 álbum Arte Macabro, (Concreto Records). But there are more to go deep into this piece of doom, like Solitary Confinement, Built by Souls or 1,000 Days, a monstrous melody inspired to define the reason of existence, the immortality of the soul and the easy dryness of the flesh….Is the death the end?…good question.

…and talking about Arte Macabro, could an album begins in this more subtle way? … yes! they do it with Derelict, the guitars like sirens calling their victims before taking them to the bottom of the sea, deep growls playing with clean voices… and hey!, listen the drums work, couldn’t be better in this or in any other song, Derelict remains in your subconscious even after finishing listening.
1, 000 Days is beautiful song wherever you look at, clean strings, ups and downs in the rhythm, perfect percussion and the heavy ambient that drowns and makes it difficult for you to breathe, the macabre art at its maximum expression.
Arte Macabro could be considerate like one of the best doom/death metal álbum released for a mexican band, Being far from a doom metal expert, I won’t venture into making any comparisons with any other doom metal bands, because it wouldn’t be fair with them, MATALOBOS has created here an album full of melancholic sadness, melodic and so effective at bringing out so many types of emotions.

No! no! wait!, there is more to say…in the last year (2017), they came back with Until Time Has Lost All Meaning [EP], 3 songs to take you to the core of the absolute sadness.

Opening this EP, Of Ghosts And Yearning is a 10 minutes journey between acoustic passages, sore melodic progressions and an incisive growl that left nothing behind, you can feel the loneliness scratching your inner feelings and your mouth dry because of the sadness.

In Flesh Engraved, is a faster track but still showing passages that take the listener into the gloom of true doom. The guitar sound isn’t as clean as it would be on the track before, having loads of fuzz and grit, while the drums rumble and spill out in the brutality haze of death metal.

This EP close with La luz del día Muere, a clean, beautiful, dark instrumental melody. In my consideration this piece of art (Until Time Has Lost All Meaning), is too short of an album to give it a perfect score, but I’m sure this mexican quartet will get the doom/death metal world’s attention.


Dante Joshua Méndez: Vocals
Clemente Escalona: Drums
Germán Nieto: Guitars, Strings
Carlos Ortiz: Bass
Eduardo Santamaría: Guitars & Vocals

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