37951102 1723332034449231 3252421739321229312 n MITHLOND: Darkness Devouring the Light, Extreme Atmospheric Black Metal.Darkness Devouring the Light ,  make me wonder, how far the extremity of black metal can take to make an álbum like this?….I’m convinced that listen to it, push me hard to take a step up to understand it, because I was unprepared for all those obscured melodies full of dark and mystery.

Ambient/atmospheric black metal is unknown territory inside my metal world. Weeks ago I received a copy of this album, as a courtesy from Pipo Estrada, former guitar/voice of the Trenton based atmospheric black metal band MITHLOND, so I decided to take a shot with it. Let me tell you that it became to be one of the most terrifyingly pleasant moments in my life, that includes staying up until late at night and listening this piece of cosmic black metal and I don’t know what happened but I got trapped for its heartbreaking, malefic, cosmic and brutal sound, like black magic I could say.

So, I finish starving for more of one of the darkest/most peaceful/cosmic/mystical subgenres of extreme music. But let’s focus on this piece of metal in a genre still unknown to me.

Darkness Devouring the Light is a 6 parts of a demonic album full of malefic sounds, with lyrics coming from a cavernous voice that are accompanied by strings that easily distorted my mind, questioning myself, how malefic could be these melodies?.

This album was done with the only purpose of create an atmosphere where the darkness lay down, the instruments are more for creating that than trying to show off their technical prowess or anything of that sort.

For example, Satanic Cosmic Manifestation, is a massive space-laced beast, MITHLOND has made an extra effort to create something chaotic and mysterious that attracts your attention and imagination in a way that is still incomprehensible to me.

The first thing that makes Lost in the Frozen Shadows so captivating for me is understanding what kind of obscured cosmic atmosphere they were trying to convey with this song, but I confess its melodic and chaotic rhythm completely traps me, I still hear those melodious notes in my ears.

Sometimes they succeed. Sometimes they fail, but there are songs that really get stuck in my memory, like Death comes Crushing (5 minutes of overwhelming sound), Eyes of Emptiness beside Satanic Cosmic Manifestation and Lost in the Frozen Shadows.

Darkness Devouring the Light is hard to understand if you are not into this genre of music. This is a work of bleak cold and smothering isolation, casting you adrift in a world of galactic snowstorms and echoes from obscured caverns . The atmosphere is thick and enveloping full of unknown voices and sounds, also is remarkable the work provided by the guitars which are swathed in reverb and awash with undertones of mystery.

So, go ahead and give yourself a chance to navigate in this galaxy of extreme noise, highly recommended for fans of this interstellar subgenre.

Black Ambiental Atmospheric Post Metal
Pipo Estrada: Drums, Bass, Guitars.
Nazgul C.A: Keyboard, Guttural.
Lyrical themes: Depression, Suicide, Death Stories.
Occultism, Satanism,Chaos, Darkness.

m.me/Mithlondbandh11eUOKy50P MITHLOND: Darkness Devouring the Light, Extreme Atmospheric Black Metal.

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