Murder 2018 MURDER: The Heralds Of the Storm, The Intensity of Extreme Music.The Ecuadorian metaliers MURDER, embodies technical death metal into the music they play, deep growls mixed with fast and ever-changing guitar parts, full of complexity. The almost absence of the bass affects the overall result of this work but anyway, they think this is for the good (I disagree with this of course!), so there’s nothing else to add in this aspect.

The drum parts would easily give a real headache to any veteran drummer. This band’s new release is something that you have to listen to feel all the brutality that an extreme metal album must show to prevail. MURDER has picked up steam in the Ecuadorian metal underground on last year, due to the word-of-mouth success of their new album; The heralds of the Storm” (February 8th, 2018 independent). So let’s take a listen and see what we have here.

To be honest I couldn’t really follow this band’s work when I started hearing the fuss of their new album, because when I watched their live videos posted on FB, I couldn’t feel the real dimension of their aggressivity, due to the poor sound of them, so, It was been impossible to fairly appreciate what they did on their new work. But I perceived something hidden in Andres Omar Obando‘s amazing skills on the guitar that kept me interested long enough to realize how technical something can be and still be felt. The Heralds of the Storm” broke down a barrier and changed the way I perceive the extreme music that is being composed in these days in a small country like Ecuador.

As soon as Toward the Cosmic Inferno’ breaks down (this one works like an Intro), you start feeling that something unexpected is coming… then Reviving the Rebels’ and ‘The Insane Power of Chaos’ are unleashed with uncontrollable fury, the guitar filling all the spaces, the insane blasting coming from Daniel Cazar and the anger that Galo Castellanos spits interpreting the lyrics, keeps the songs very well grounded.

‘The Heralds of the Storm’ comes up with a vicious aggressivity , Andres Omar Obando and the lead guitar work that he put on display here, rivals the best metal on this style, mixing technicality and brutality with their own spawn of twist, establishing a personal touch appropriate for MURDER. The guitar riffs are excellent, never staying put on a riff very long, just going from riff to riff and maybe back to riffs, but not staying on one single idea for too long. So all of these characteristics keeps you guessing, what else they are capable of doing for the genre.

‘Children of Blame’ andJudgement’ have some similarities with the previous track, they are punishing yet technical, but neither side is overpowering.

‘Victimized & Betrayed’ Most likely the most brutal and longest track on the album (5:27 minutes), the Galo Castellano‘s guttural vocals and screams are done fast enough to keep pace with the face pounding riffs and the aggressive drumming which is superb. Extremely technical with blast beats used in extremely tasteful sections of the song, a work very well done by Daniel Cazar.

MURDER seems to show more small and tight sweeps, overwhelming riffs and guitar hooks as he nears the end of this album, the trio has no mercy and releases all its fury in Criminal Supremacy’, ‘Dying’ and ‘Macabre Evolution’. These three tracks become like microcosmic versions of the missing parts in the other songs..

Now, as if I haven’t said it enough already, I would say what sets this album apart is the fact that it’s just not braggy. Sure, some parts sound like any average brutal death metal band, but there are parts where MURDER switch genres from technical death to brutal death, or just to death metal, so many times in each song it’s easy to get lost and forget the use of little clichés.

The production in The heralds of the Storm” has captured all the rawness from the swedish old school years, but at the same time the band cachted the complicated level of technicality from the decade to come, so this album has the best of both worlds.

The main drawback I see with this album is the pretty mediocre showing of the bass. It does show up at times, but for the most part it is drowned out in the mix (maybe? I don’t know), or simply it doesn’t exist. I really do not know if this was done on purpose or simply because the band doesn’t have a bass player, anyway I’m convinced they will consider to fix it for the next album.

I am sure The Heralds of the Storm is an album of unquestionable quality, full of brutality and complexity, with an amazing guitar work, great on riffs, so intense on vocals and the drums parts showing always an amazing work. It’s a damn good album and worth to buy it, highly recommended.

MURDER is already working on his next work, “Unsuitable Creation” that will come out in 2019. Let’s get it done Murders !.

Eso es to!, eso es to!, eso todo amigos! jeje!!


Galo Castellanos: Apocalyptic Vocals
Andres Omar Obando: Blowtorch Strings
Daniel Cazar: Thunder Blast

Recording, Mixing & Mastering by Galo Castellanos
All Music: Andres Omar Obando
Concept, Art Direction: Daniel Cazar

Heralds of the Storm 1024x625 MURDER: The Heralds Of the Storm, The Intensity of Extreme Music.