OVER 5 ÖVER: Facing Transcendence, A Hidden Beauty Behind the Bitter ExistenceIf you have a little sense of what black metal really means, then listen to this!!!

This is something that shake my world completely!!!
ÖVER is an international project with artists across two oceans, culturally and musically, with and devastating result, Facing Transcendence.

ÖVERFacing Transcendence (September 3rd, 2018, Avantgarde Music), a little more than 44 minutes of overwhelming Atmospheric Black Metal, an inward exploration of the human being, the confirmation of a faith in itself, the concordance of a pact with the demons that we all carry within.

Facing Transcendence is a brutal space filled with emotions that do not hurt but gives pain. All that in a frame of sounds of opulent batteries, riffs that do not escape at random having a specific reason to be within this extreme genre of modern metal.

Philosophy (Supposed Truth), Here is when the hidden beauty began to unfold, the impotent solitude of the spirit bursts into fractions of intense sounds of a melancholic guitar and powerful drums, screams that escape from a body tired of feeling … or living, 78424331 (David Freire) voice is totally devastating.

Freedom of Paradigms, about 8 minutes of a conversation with oneself, without complaints, without regrets of what has already been done, Þórir Nyss majestic with its constant repetitive riff but not boring, taking the tune to the right path.

“Without pain or suffering the human does not transcend
The multiple tests supported The marks on the skin
They are the scars that lead to understanding …
To understand that it is necessary to continue”

Will is the longest son here with beautiful songwriting, it starts slow with total absence of bass and drums, and then to unleash it in a stampede of brutal sounds and screams, the keyboard is just what is needed to increase the emotion of the moment. Don’t forget the chorus behind it.

Över Is Transcendence, this song is the majesty of the spirit, without feeling self-conscious, understanding that the human being does not reach the total realization until the creative imagination does not overcome the sadness and depression.. The song itself shows some confusion for the chaotic sound, although the guitar remains in its lead.

End of the Oppressive, is the final mark are left by ÖVER in this first Full-length, their future promises a lot in a genre of extreme music, where only true artists succeed.

ÖVER is a two men project, the french Multi Instrumentalist Þórir Nyss (Nihilisticon, Nyss, Sárr) and the Ecuadorian composer and vocalist David Freire aka 78424331 (Morto).

Give yourself a shot and Listen Facing Transcendence completely after that you do whatever you want!

Reviewed by: German G. Calle – Ciudad Zero New York

ÖVER is:
Þórir Nyss: All instruments, Vocals (backing)
78424331: Vocals
Country: United Kingdom / Ecuador | Year: 2018 |
Genre: Atmospheric/Depressive Black Metal
Pre-order CD, LP & Digital Album: https://avantgardemusic.bandcamp.com/…

00 Facing Transcendence Digipack 1024x684 ÖVER: Facing Transcendence, A Hidden Beauty Behind the Bitter Existence

1. Philosophy (Supposed Truth)  06:30
2. Freedom of Paradigms  07:47
3. Will  09:33
4. Över Is Transcendence  05:27
5. Owner and Slave  07:28
6. End of the Oppressive  07:56

00 Facing Transcendence Front 1 1024x917 ÖVER: Facing Transcendence, A Hidden Beauty Behind the Bitter Existence

Soon all will be Över

Över was formed as a result of an immediate friendship between Þórir (Nyss) and 78424331 (Morto, Nihilisticon, Inhottavuus) at the end of the year 2017. 78424331 sent Þórir a private Facebook message asking for help to compose new songs that were initially destined to be part of a parallel project. Before accepting, Þórir wanted to know more about the mentality and ideology of 78424331, thus they started building a trusted friendship. Eventually they began to work on these songs and as time went by crafting music and lyrics, they both realized it would be best to give birth to a completely new band. The force of their their thoughts and ideas was too strong and needed to be unleashed. Thus arises this powerful but melancholic band. Thus arises Över.

Þórir gives his own personal view of the incoming Facing Transcendence: “More than traditional black metal, Över music stems from the root of all mental pains, but finds power in spiritual strength and transcendence after a long and tedious journey that is summarized in depression. Everything, one day will be over. That is where Över resides.”

Facing Transcendence is the first release ever for this intercontinental band, whose sound consist of fury, melody and thoughtful reflections. Black metal is here enriched by a great sense of melody, references to both the Norwegian and French (Þórir’s homeland) sounds and even the odd solos here and there. Face your pain, overcome and transcend, soon all will be Över.

Över debut album will be out digitally on September 3rd, and on cd and lp on September 17th. Vinyl comes in a limited edition of 100 copies. Pre Orders are now live on Bigcartel and Bandcamp, where you can also stream two tracks in advance.

(Text Taken from Avantgarde Music website – http://www.avantgardemusic.com/)