Parca Reviewed by German G. Calle PARCA: TIERRA DE MUERTO, A CRY FROM THE CONTOURS OF DEATH.Building upon their Ecuador roots, PARCA was officially established in the capital of Quito in 2008, to make of death, a mean of pagan and critical expression that slashes and marks like a scythe. After some changes in its lineup, PARCA is established as one of the revelations of the New Extreme Ecuadorian Metal, Now the band has released their first album, Tierra de Muerto (July 2017, Independent).

Traveling the roads of Ecuador and Colombia, PARCA surrounded their followers with the most vomitorium lyrics and sound, making of this a very personal brand of extreme music, believe when I say, this band is kicking ass and you don’t want to miss it.

Tierra de Muerto consists of 9 tracks and an intro. A very aggressive blend of thrash/punk with a load of brutal death metal, plus an Infernal blast speed drums, courtesy of Cristian Cantuña and possessed riffs that come from David Castro’s guitar chords, all finished with the brutal voice of Raúl Galeas.

After the Intro, Psycho Necro Enterrador, comes into the scene with a vengeance that made my jaw literally drop. The riffage on here is so stellar. The aggression is constant, mostly in death metal style, the voice with the urgent heart palpitations of a demon, brutality is the name.

Parca, El Placer del Corte, Santa Muerte, vocalled ‘a la’ over to death style, razor sharp riffs and even more precise and treble-barbed drumming. The double hammer putting the purity of death, making a self mutilation in a death/Gore style. Great job done here.

“I would say that the album “Tierra de Muerto” is a work that reflects the whole history of PARCA, because it has old songs like: Sons of the Parca, Santa Muerte, Sacrilegium Paganum; But also more recent compositions such as: Necro Psycho-Enterrador, Parca, El Placer del Corte. By listening to these songs you can understand the evolution of the band, having influences punk, thrash, death, gore, that merge and create a different extreme metal and with great strength.”
Raul Galeas – PARCA

I’ll take Testigo de Muerte, as my favorite track, because of all the violence of death that surrounds itself in this subject, death metal that pulverises the bones. Carroñero does not trail too far behind. Here Raúl Galeas. grunts, but allows the riffs to really carry the songs into the frontal cortex and stick with you. So far PARCA bestial!

Parca 6 1 1024x468 PARCA: TIERRA DE MUERTO, A CRY FROM THE CONTOURS OF DEATH.The lyrics are genre-perfect as well. Just listen to the equally rifftastic Sacrilegium Paganum and the positively brilliant Hijos de la Parca and tell me if I’m wrong when I say that Tierra de Muerto is a really well done extreme metal album full of riffs refer to old school punk/thrash/death metal style. As far as speed is concerned, Tierra de Muerto  certainly is one of the faster albums coming from Ecuador thus far, even the musicality is also a great attribute to this work of brutal art.

“This album has taken time to come out, because as you know the economic issue for a band is really complicated when you try to make a record, but finally we solved this issue and got the album done. I think Tierra de Muerto you can hear from beginning to end without getting tired, enjoying all tracks and the brutal feeling they carry. We also have some guest musicians like: Mario Pantoja (Avathar, Aztra, Impulso de Tanatos) and Carlos Alvarez. Tierra de Muerto has opened  doors to many festivals in the country and abroad, due to this we have assured 2 tours for Colombia to play at the Metal Return Festival 7 in Bogotá on September 23, 2017. This album also is taking us on tour to Mexico in March 2018, joining the spanish Death Metallers AVULSED on their Mexican Deathgeneration Tour 2018“.

Raul Galeas – PARCA


To finish this piece of metal is Siniestras Miradas. aggressive, creepy and fast riffs that get into your brain and proceed to mix into your bloodstream, leaving the true DNA of the music that PARCA put on the table with their first creation.

You are wrong if you thought that any band from Ecuador was incapable of releasing this sort of material, Tierra de Muerto is a very well-executed release that should have been recognized as a brutal death metal classic from South America, but it’s beyond me if this album get the widespread recognition it deserved, because it should.


Raúl Galeas. – Vocals
David Casto – Guitar
Francisco Dominguez – Bass
Cristian Cantuña – Drums
Lyrics: David Rivas

Guest Musicians:
Carlos Alvarez – Guitar
Mario Pantoja Coronado – Drums on Necrópsico Enterrador
& Santa Muerte


Intro  1:26
Psico Necro Enterrador  2:28 (Bonus Track)
Parca  2:36
El Placer del Corte  4:00
Santa Muerte  4:38 (Bonus Track)
Testigo de Muerte  2:56
Carroñero  2:44
Sacrilegium Paganum  1:50
Hijos de la Parca  3:34
Siniestras Miradas  3:04

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