The Return of The South American Death Doom Metal Master 5 POEMA ARCANVS: Stardust Solitude The Return of The South American Death Doom Metal Masters

Album: Stardust Solitude
Date: August 28, 2020
Sello: Transcending Obscurity Records
Genre: Doom Death Metal
Origen: Chile

Chilean metal has always inspired me respect, even when sometimes I can’t bear the excessive ego of some of its artists. Anyway, many Chilean bands occupy a special place in my personal archive.

Now let me recommend you with one of the best releases of 2020; “Stardust Solitude” from the great POEMA ARCANVS, Band that in 2002 delighted my ear with the unsurpassed “Iconoclast”. Almost 2 decades have passed and this album still affirms its timelessness and stands proud over the majority of Doom Death Metal made in that part of the planet. Now POEM ARCANVS is bringing back the brilliant south american doom death metal back to our heads.

“Stardust Solitude” contains 8 dark & Intricately composed songs. The guitar of ‘the eternal’ Igor Leiva Benavides is pregnant with emotive potential, very aggressive, a rhythmic force that warps all other instrumentation under its gravitational force, at other times it will become the mediator between the bass and the percussion creating a sense of sadness and confusion.

Luis Moya‘s hypnotic percussion accentuates the heaviness of the guitar, the bass drums sound is rich but not booming and has the quality of a boulder creating a holistic beauty within the monolithic central riff of the guitar. Claudio Carrasco García has done a spectacular job with voices that range from clean and crystalline to growls that take us back to the brutal world of death metal.

POEM ARCANVS has created something amazing with this record. This album will be hardly rivaled in this style of extreme music on the chilean escene and south american. That’s all what I can say so far about “Stardust Solitude”. So, go grab a copy because they deserve it.
8/10 – G –


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Poema Arcanus – Stardust Solitude 1 2 POEMA ARCANVS: Stardust Solitude The Return of The South American Death Doom Metal Masters

1. Stardust Solitude 09:14
2. Orphans 05:30
3. Haven 06:34
4. The Lighthouse Keeper 06:49
5. Straits of Devotion 06:38
6. Pilgrim 06:41
7. Kingdom of Ruins 05:36
8. Brave 09:11
Total: 56:1