ROMASANTA Cover ROMASANTA   MUNDO MATERIAL (New Video Released).ROMASANTA is an ecuadorian power metal band formed in 2004. Since their formation, they have released 3 studio albums and 1 demo; Te Ocultaras [Demo] 2005, Llega el Final 2006, El lenguaje del Dolor 2007 y Las Ruinas del Tiempo 2010. this band from Quito, is considered one of the leading and most influential groups of the power metal genre in this country.

ROMASANTA just released to the world his new video, Mundo Material (Jul 23, 2017) via YouTube Romasanta Official and here what I think about.

So, let’s talk about this Mundo Material, the new video music from this Ecuadorian Power Metal Band, ROMASANTA. Mundo Material Is the single greatest track from Romasanta’s 4th album that will be released at the end of 2017, and I honestly can’t think of a single moment to skip on it, whenever it’ll be out.

Even when I’m not a Power Metal fan, sometimes I got caught for something well done and let me tell you this, this song got all my attention.Washington Guerrero‘s voice fits perfectly for this style of music, clear as the air, also delightfully tasteless, having lured the listener into a sense of euphoria and angriness at the same time, the melodic but incisive riffs get into the ears easily, there’s even a David Lara/Douglas Mora-esque duel with the keyboards and guitars, the intensity is spread out more evenly this time around, making Mundo Material more of a Killing Latin American Power Metal.

The two highlights I could mention here, the combining solid guitar and keyboard ideas with the solid vocal performance, the faster moments are where the song truly shines; combining Lara‘s’ keyboard ideas and Mora‘s catchy riffs outshine Stratovarius/Nightwish in many instances, I know everyone knows I hate comparisons, but it got into my mind.

Pablo Estrella‘s drums work also shines with his impressive way to hit the kit, Santiago Cardenas offers a guarantee on the guide lines. Mundo Material is the tip of the Iceberg of something big to come because according with what I saw here, it could be a brilliant approach with a consistent musical direction to power metal made in this part of the world, Ecuador!

ROMASANTA really impressed me with this song, hopefully I will hear more from them, so far an excellent visual and melodic job.

ROMASANTA, for sure I’ll see you soon!!!


Mundo Material
Published on Jul 23, 2017
All rights reserved to Romasanta

Dirección y edición: Jean Pierre Olivares & Miguel Cármenes
Música: Douglas Mora, David Lara, Santiago Poveda
Letra: Washington Guerrero
Producción musical y mezcla: Santiago Poveda
Masterización: Juan Pablo Rivas
Diseño y logística: Patricia Bolaños
Backline: Import Music Ecuador
Blue Wolf Productions: