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A melodeath/metalcore release coming from south America just got on my hands. SOLUS ERIS an Ecuadorian metal band release a new EP, The Pursuit of Persistence.

SOLUS ERIS was formed in 2006 in Quito, Ecuador, by Mauricio Landázuri and Ivar Zambrano after leaving the doom death metal band, TOTAL DEATH, with the idea of making a more melodic metal band. But let’s review what we have here, in the second EP of the band.

Much of the structure of this 4 songs are relatively simple and straightforward, this is by all means a good thing. The guitars are very impressive in most of the songs, with face-melting and hard-hitting opening riffs. The guttural growls of Cesar Arias are incredible, reaching high and low notes like it’s nothing.

SOLUS ERIS plays simplified melodeath without pretension or false aggressiveness. Its sound is oriented to a melodic death of aggressive and modern metal. Ok, no more bullshit and let see what we have here.

Permutación is a benchmark of sheer intensity and a perfect start for this record, this track is jam packed with quality riffs and a tight performance, I would like the guitar tone would be a little more crisp and honed to define the riffs better. The drums always evolving with altered bets and fills to build power from underneath.

Deliverance has a more simplified sound to the point where they could sound like a American metalcore but do not mistake it, because the guitars never leave de melodeath ground.

Covered in Blood remains intensely enjoyable on several levels, is an aggressive, melodic, technical and emotional song. The Ider’s farfan (TOTAL DEATH) guitar in this track gives a certain darkness to the sound.

The end of this EP comes with a dazzling song (my favorite), El Reino Creciente, This is the albums strongest song mainly because of the majestic and melancholic melody, it leaves the center stage for the guitar, the enormity of the sound is beautifully offset by subtle sadness and fury at the same time, or could be for the dexterous guitar work of Mauricio landázuri and Cesar Arias, or even because the raw, emotional and aggressive voices that exist here.

The Pursuit of Persistence is not breaking new ground in the melodic extreme metal genre, nor does it mean that SOLUS ERIS is willing to play safely by cloning styles from other genre bands, no!. These guys are making a great effort to give their fans a good piece of modern melodeath. An essential purchase for a decent metalhead.

See ya!!!

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The Pursuit of Persistence

01 – Permutación  04:54
02 –  Deliverance
03 – Covered in Blood
04 – The Pursuit of Persistence


Cesar Arias – Guitar & Vocals
Mauricio landázuri – Guitar
Fausto mendez – Bass
Christian Chamorro – Drums